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High Security Locks

Securing our home is one of the most important things we do to protect our family. Many will invest in a whole house alarm system or install security cameras to monitor their property. What many home owners do not realize is that someone could gain entry, very easily, through the standard lock installed on most residential doors. Not all locks are created equal. Ninety-five percent of all homeowners have non-high security locks installed on their doors. These types of locks can easily be picked, bumped or drilled out in a matter of seconds. You can go online and purchase a bump key that will get you into 95% of residential properties in the U.S.

WHAT ARE HIGH SECURITY LOCKS? High security locks provide resistance to bumping, drilling, unauthorized duplication and picking. To lock it all up, it’s going to take tremendous effort to gain unauthorized entry into a door with high security locks installed. There are some very smart reasons to consider having high security locks installed on your home or business.


Having More Control Of Your Keys

A great thing about some high security locks is how the key blanks are closely monitored and protected to prevent thieves from having easy access. Have you ever noticed the rows of key blanks in your local big box hardware store? It is with blanks like those that “bump” keys are made. There are varying levels of key control depending on the lock you choose. Your locksmith can provide you with more details about how the key blanks are guarded.


Being Bump Resistant

This method of disabling a lock has become more common in recent years and many cases of illegal entry attributed to having left a door open or unlocked, may have actually been caused by lock bumping. A special key is made, or purchased cheaply on the internet, and with just a bit of practice the thief can bump most locks being used today. High security locks are specially designed to deter bumping.


Resistant To Being Picked

Did you know that there are instructions available online that can show you how to easily pick most locks? It’s true. While some people pick locks in competition or as a challenge, that information could end up in the wrong hands. Lock picking is becoming more prevalent among thieves today and knowing that your high security lock is resistant to picking can provide you with valuable peace of mind.


Built To Withstand The Drill

High security locks are designed with special hardened metal that is resistant to hardened drill bits and it is not uncommon for them to include several layers of these super-strong metal plates. Drilling is also something to think about if you only use a deadbolt to secure your door. Someone could easily drill a hole in a lock that does not have a reinforced metal plate and gain access that way.

The high security locks of today also offer better design features that make it resistant to someone using brute force, such as kicking, to break into your home. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta Locksmiths can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about how to best protect your home using high security locks. We are Medeco and Mul-T-Lock dealers.